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Rudy Ricciotti born in Algiers on 22 August 1952. Diplomas: 1975 Geneva school of Engineering (Switzerland); 1980 Architecture school of Marseille (France). Creation of Agence Rudy Ricciotti - 1980.
Awarded France's Grand Prix National d'Architecture in 2006, Gold Medal of the Académie d'architecture in 2013 and member of the Académie des technologies, Rudy Ricciotti is one of the foremost representatives of a generation of architects combining great creative prowess with a genuine constructive approach.
Pioneer and ambassador of concrete, Rudy Ricciotti sublimates innovative concrete techniques in landmark constructions such as the Philharmonic “Nikolaïsaal” in Potsdam (Germany) – 2000, the Footbridge of Peace over the Han River in Seoul (South-Korea) – 2002, the national choregraphic centre (CCN) in Aix-en-Provence – 2006, the Jean Cocteau Museum in Menton – 2011, the new wing for the Louvre in Paris to host its Islamic art collection – 2012, the Museum of Civilisations of Europe and the Mediterranean (MuCEM) in Marseille – 2013, Jean-Bouin Stadium in Paris – 2013, the Bridge of the Republic in Montpellier – 2014, the Memorial museum of the Rivesaltes camp – 2015, the International Centre of Art and Culture at the Boverie Parc in Liège (Belgium) – 2016, the concert hall Arena and its car park in Floirac / Bordeaux – 2017, the library of Sélestat – 2018.
Rudy Ricciotti is also the author of several books, the most recent : “Mémorial du Camp de Rivesaltes” - Editions Archibooks – 2016, “Le béton en garde à vue” - Editions Lemieux Éditeur – 2015, “Rudy Ricciotti, en vain” - Editions Jannink – 2014, “Conversations imaginaires « ou pas » avec Rudy Ricciotti” - Editions un autre Reg’Art – 2014, “L’architecture est un sport de combat” - Editions Textuel – 2013, “La HQE® brille comme ses initiales sur la chevalière au doigt” - Editions Le Gac Press, Collection "écrits" – 2013.
2018 Awarded with fib Freyssinet Medal,
2014 Member of the Académie des technologies, France,
2013 Gold Medal of the Académie d'architecture, France,
2013 Commander of the ordre des Arts et des Lettres, France,
2008 Officer of the ordre national du Mérite, France,
2006 Grand Prix national d’architecture, France,
2004 Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur, France.

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Marco Di Prisco full Professor at Politecnico di Milano since 2002, he is a member of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, professor of Structural Design and Design of Environmental and Protective Structures and Coordinator of the Civil Engineering for Risk Mitigation Master of Second Level at the School of Civil, Environmental and Territorial Engineering (ICAT), Head of the Laboratory of Materials and Structures of the Laboratory of the Polo of Lecco - Polytechnic of Milan since 1998. Director of the Department of Structural Engineering from January 2009 to December 2012 and Coordinator of the Master of Science in Civil Engineering for Risk Mitigation, He is President of CTE (Association of Technicians for Building Industrialization), member of Presidium and national delegate of the fib, active member of the RILEM (expert of the Development Advisory Committee), member ACI and AICAP.
Author of over 200 publications, he organized International Conventions on the subject of fiber reinforced concrete (BEFIB 2004), structural rehabilitation (Structural Assessment of Concrete, MAsonry and TImber Structures, 2008), the protection of structures (PROTECT, 2011), the durability of concrete structures when subjected to extreme conditions and exceptional actions (CONCRETE under Severe Environmental Conditions, 2016). Scientific manager of numerous contracts with private companies, multinational companies, with Lombardy Region, with MIUR (Cofin 2004-2006, ReLUIS 2010-2018) with ENEL and with the European Community on the topics of new high performance cement composites, innovative prefabricated structures and sustainable, risk mitigation in the design of structures.
He is Honorary Editor of the journal ISI European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering published by Taylor & Francis, member of the editorial board of ISI magazine Cement and Concrete Composites published by Elsevier, Series Editor of Springer Tracts in Civil Engineering, member of the Commission CNR, member of numerous national and international technical and scientific committees on fiber-reinforced materials (fib TG4.1, TG4.2, TG10.1, member of the Working Group of the Higher Council for Public Works for Fiber-Reinforced, expert in the Commission rapporteur for qualification of the FRCM), and convener of the Technical Commission CEN TC250 / SC2 / WG1 / TG2 - Concrete reinforced fibers for the introduction of the Fibrorinforzato in the EC2.He is also Technical Director of the DSC-ERBA Engineering Company from 1 January 2018.

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Renata Kotynia is an Associate Professor in Lodz University of Technology (TUL) at the Department of Concrete Structures, specialty: Concrete Structures and Composite Materials in Civil Engineering. She is a Vice-Dean for Innovations and Cooperation with Industry at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering (TUL).
She is a member of Fib Task Group 5.1 (FRPRCS), ACI Committee 440 (FRPR), RILEM TC 234-DUC, CEN-TC250-SC2-WG1-TG1 and TG4, IIFC Vice President (2010-2016), IIFC Fellow, COST Action 1207 (Chair of WG1: FRP Material Development and Characterization). She is a member of Scientific Committee of Polish Association of Engineers and Technicians, Section of Concrete Structures of Committee for Civil Engineering of Polish Academy of Sciences and member of Polish Committee for Standardization: Technical Committee for: Concrete Structures (TC213) and Composite Structures and Materials (TC329).
Research activities: reinforced concrete structures; strengthening of RC structures with FRP materials; shear in RC members reinforced and strengthened with FRP materials; durability of FRP materials; FRP prestressed and post-tensioned concrete structures. Coordinator of Polish Swiss Research Program TULCOEMPA No 93980 “Structural Health Monitoring in Sustainability of Civil Engineering Infrastructure” (collaboration with EMPA - Zurich).
Awards: the IIFC Distinguished Young Researcher Award, Zurich, 2008; Stefan Bryła Award - Distinguished Award of Polish Association of Engineers and Technicians for Achievements in Scientific Research in Building Construction, 2013.

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Mikael W. Braestrup born in 1945, Mikael W. Braestrup obtained his Ph.D. in structural engineering from the Technical University of Denmark in 1970, and subsequently spent two years as a volunteer in charge of low-cost road construction in Peru. Prior to joining the consulting company Ramboll in 1979 Dr Braestrup was engaged in research and teaching in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Cambridge (UK), conducting tests and developing limit analysis solutions for structural concrete shells, slabs, walls and beams. During the period 1992 - 2005 he worked in the Ramboll Department of Bridges, a major assignment being the preparation of the design basis, with the application of Eurocodes, to the 16 km Øresund Link road and rail strait crossing between Denmark and Sweden. Since 2005 he is attached to the Ramboll Energydivision, where he is currently working part-time as senior consultant.
Dr Braestrup is an active member of a number of international associations (IABSE, fib, ACI), and has served on several Danish code committees. He has authored or co-authored a substantial number of papers, reports and monographs on concrete plasticity, marine pipelines, and bridge and tunnel projects.

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