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fib SYMPOSIUM 2019
"Make concrete alive"
The Students’ Competition "Make concrete alive", aims to encourage students to develop innovative ideas to use concrete as a structural material for everyday objects. The competition task allows not only to share students ideas but also promote their homelands.


The competition task is to design and prefabricate everyday object that has not been made of this material so far (both on an industrial and retail scale, e.g. in the form of a prototype).The item can be made of any type of concrete (e.g. normal concrete, lightweight, architectural, graphic, transparent, polymer concrete etc.) by casting from any form. Elements can be made as reinforced (with different types of reinforcement) or unreinforced. The object should be durable, useful and functional in everyday life (e.g. mug, plate, cup pad, ironing board, photo frame, etc.) and be an original element of the decor

  1. Design and prefabricate object of everyday use, which will be not only functional but also aesthetic.
  2. The sum of all dimensions of the element cannot exceed 4 m and its weight cannot exceed 100 kilograms.
  3. The competition is open to single participants and teams up to 4 people. Each participant (team) may submit one work only.
  4. The method of making the element, its dimensions and construction-material solutions should enable its multiplication (prefabrication) and ensure the required durability and the possibility of using it as intended.
  5. The finished object should contain of the fib Cracow 2019 logo, which will be an element complementing the item in an interesting and innovative way.
  6. The organizer does not impose the method of preparing the logo. Logo in formats: ".tiff", ".jpg” areavailableto be downloaded from the website.
  7. The finished item should be photographed, displaying the object with a visible logo nearby / against the background of a known, characteristic concrete structure in the Participant's country.
  8. The application should be accompanied by a film (max. 2 minutes long) showing the course of works related to the implementation of the competition task.
Competition Rules
Summary of the Rules
Andrzej Szarata
Dean of the Faculty
of Civil Engineering CUT

Institute of Building Materials
and Engineering Structures
Polish National Member Group of the fib
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Cracow University of Technology